The 2013 Annual Summit of Sustainable Business Leadership Forum will hold discussions on the need for responsible consumerism, recognising innovation and corporate leadership in sustainability.

The 2013 Annual Summit of the Sustainable Business Leadership Forum will bring country’s leading business leaders and sustainability thought leaders for the focused discussion on the emerging need for responsible consumerism and the opportunity it offers to India Inc. to shape differentiated brands in the global marketplace.

The 2013 Annual Summit will feature over 200 CEOs and senior personalities from the Indian industry and will be addressed by leading luminaries such as Sam Pitroda, Advisor to the Prime Minister, Former Cabinet Minister Suresh Prabhu, Dr. Ajay Mathur, Director General, Bureau of Energy Efficiency in addition to corporate captains like CEOs of NSIC, Tata Services, Grundos, Danfoss, Sun Investment, Moser-Baer Solar etc.

The 2013 Annual Parivartan Sustainability Leadership Awards will also be presented at this summit aiming at recognizing innovation and corporate leadership in sustainability. The Chief Guest and Awards Grand Jury will be headed by Dr. Suresh Prabhu, Former Union Cabinet Minister and other Grand Jury members like K.C. Mehra, Chairman, National Board for Quality Promotion, M. K. Venu, Executive Editor, The Hindu and Dr. Jahar Saha, Former Director, Indian Institute of Management (IIM-A) are the key speakers at the awards evening.

The Summit is organised on the theme ‘Rethinking Consumption: Transforming corporate strategy to shape Sustainable Brands’. The focus will be on the expected near-term consumer behavioural changes emanating from their evolving sensitivity to environmental concerns and present ways in which responses to these needs can be shaped to usher in strategic change and unlock new value for the firms.

The discussions at the 2013 Annual Summit will cover all major areas such as elements of sustainability contributing to marketing and branding success; pathways for mainstreaming sustainability standards and drivers; and finding the capital to drive sustainability.

The summit would also showcase 30 odd sustainability innovations being implemented across India Inc. The featured companies includes leading Indian corporates like Hindustan Unilever Limited, ONGC, Mahindra and Mahindra etc. It also includes innovative service providers like See Beyond Technologies, Geocycle India and GIBBS amongst others.





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