Anjali Jaiswal of the Washington-based Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Bhaskar Deol, India Representative of NRDC blog from Bangkok, where the Montreal Protocol meeting is taking place currently. They have urged India to take the lead in phasing out the super greenhouse gases called hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).

Governments from all over the world have gathered in Bangkok for the annual meeting of the Montreal Protocol, the world’s most successful global environmental treaty.  This year, the key question for the Montreal Protocol is whether countries can agree on a pathway to rein in the expansion of super greenhouse gases called hydro fluoro carbons (HFCs), to nip this growing problem in the bud.  Key Indian civil society groups are also urging action in Bangkok and reacting strongly to the position of the Indian government negotiating team’s opposition to discussing the important topic of a phasing down HFCs – in apparent contradiction to recent commitments by India’s Prime Minister.

This week, the Indian government negotiating team has opposed even forming a “contact group” to begin hashing out the technical, financial, and other issues that countries must resolve to put their leaders’ commitments to phase down HFCs into practice.  Yet, Indian civil society groups are aligned in the view that the government should engage in, not block, the path forward to considering an HFC phase-down under the Montreal Protocol.

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SOURCE: Natural Resources Defense Council


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