There is a crucial need to promote the agri-food sector and its concerned stakeholders like the poor farmers through corporate social responsibility.  Apart from benefiting the farmers it will also facilitate  sustainable development  and protect our eco-diversity.  Though there are a large number of initiatives already undertaken, there still is need for a lot to be done.

Corporate Social Responsibility in the agri-food sector is harnessing innovations for a sustainable development in Asia, Africa  and Latin America. The key focus of the initiatives undertaken is socio-economic well being of farmers while protecting the ecological diversity.

Here are some concepts  that are brought  into practice for instance, like bio-gas production from manure, reducing environmental impact of farming, direct sousing from farmers and setting up a commercial supply chain for little known products, adapted for local conditions , to benefit he poor segment of the society. Collaborations have also been sought with regional authorities, NGOs, research institutions, development agencies, producer associations to address the issues on a large scale.


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