Techshare India-2014 discusses how technology companies, NGOs and entrepreneurs can bring sustainable reform in the disability sector.

The corporate world should understand the needs of the disabled and devise assistive devices for the disabled, urged experts at the TechShare India-2014, a pan disability conference in New Delhi. The conference through an exhibition also presented a platform to showcase IT products and services for people with disabilities to update themselves with the latest assistive technologies.

Speaking during the session, ‘Building the Assistive Technology Ecosystem –An opportunity for Startups and Investors’ experts like Rajesh Aggarwal, IT Secretary, Government of Maharashtra; Prakash Kumar from Microsoft India called for more innovate business models to cater to the disability market.

Colonel (Retired) P K Dube, GM, ALIMCO, emphasised on how his company could play a role for building the ecosystem. He stressed on the fact that growth has been there right from inception but constraints were faced in terms of investment, policy and resources. “The company has physically touched more than 300 million people in 33 states. Range of products has to improve accordingly to meet the need of middle class people. We should think of people and planet as profit will follow,” he said.

Dubey also stressed on the need of people who can sell their products under Assistance to Disabled Persons for purchase/fitting of aids and appliances scheme (AIDP). There is an urgent need of investors who would like to work in this market and create social impact, he said.

P Pradeep of Aavishkaar, spoke of the need to find better ways to engage with government and for new solutions. “Companies are struggling to reach their targets and working for the disadvantaged section of society and investing in technology, business, service and products that are catering to the needs of the disabled.

Prakash Kumar of Microsoft India explained the importance of cost effective technology. “Technology should be low cost now as large numbers of applications are being developed for people nowadays”, he said. He also talked about role of Microsoft is playing for providing tools and platform for the disability segment.

To sum up the entire session, Shilpi Kapoor, Organizer of Techshare India emphasised upon the need to reach out to the disabled people. She further added that the aim of organising Techshare was to help people with new opportunities.

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