The US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has released its official list of partner organisations using renewable sources of power.

The list reveals a growing interest among global corporations to use renewable energy and support the environment.

Intel (INTC: NASDAQ GC) topped the National Top 50 list as EPA’s most proactive private sector green power partner. The global tech giant uses more than 3.1 billion KWH of renewable power each year. Microsoft stood second on the list, followed by Kohl’s, Whole Foods Market, Wal-Mart, the Department of Energy (DOE), Stapes, the city of Houston, Starbucks and Apple, who comprised the remaining names in order among the top 10 companies on the list.

Unilever, JPMorgan Chase and EMC Corporation got ranked on the list for the first time. The National Top 50 organizations on the list are using more than 20 billion KWH of green energy each year as a combined force. According to the EPA, this translates to a reduction in CO2 emissions equivalent to the amount produced by 2.1 million homes in the United States each year.

EPA’s Green Power partnership program is voluntary, and more than 1,400 groups, including leading global corporations, small businesses, government agencies as well as educational institutions have joined it over the years. Through the program, the EP provides market data, consultancy and recognition to American organizations that purchase green energy.

To be eligible to join the program, an organization has to give a commitment that a specified amount of its electricity will be generated at renewable facilities installed within the last 15 years, sign a partnership agreement and agree to keep the EPA informed about its annual consumption of renewable energy. Notable absentees from the EPA Green Power list include Google, Facebook and IKEA.


SOURCE: JustMeans

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