A new report shows how Fairtrade Foundation’s expansion of  its international supply chain  will enhance the relationship between big businesses and smallholder farmers in Africa, Asia and Latin America.


In the five years to 2012 the Fairtrade Foundation has been pursuing an ambitious strategy towards its vision that everyone, through their work, should be able to maintain a decent and dignified livelihood and fulfill their potential. The Tipping the Balance strategy has extended the scope of Fairtrade to more small farmers and workers and increased impact for those already engaged with Fairtrade through impressive growth in awareness of the FAIRTRADE Mark and sales of Fairtrade products.

In 2011, public awareness of the FAIRTRADE Mark in the UK reached 78 per cent and sales of certified products in the UK amounted to £1.3 billion, generating over £20 million in Fairtrade Premium payments to producers. Over 300 of the 991 producer organisations certified worldwide to international Fairtrade standards supply the UK market, which by most measures is the most successful of its kind in the world.

In the next phase of its work, the Fairtrade Foundation will continue to scale up its work with producers and companies, but will also explore broader, qualitative change in trading relationships between UK businesses and smallholder farmers in Africa, Asia and Latin America that support the development needs and aspirations of rural families and communities.

An important part of the preparation for that work is to look at how smallholder farmers and companies can establish sustainable and equitable relationships across highly demanding and fast-moving international supply chains. This paper builds on an earlier policy report by Twin that considered the experience and perspective of small farmer organisations and contributed to a multi-stakeholder forum in May 2012. This second phase of the work has been developed through discussions with commercial stakeholders and analysis of their feedback by senior management at the Foundation.


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SOURCE: Fairtrade Foundation

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