General Electric GE has released an update to its 2012 CSR report “Our Global Impact” adding details of projects.

The documents charts the progress of CSR and sustainability projects such as ecomagination and healthymagination, in which the company made an R&D investment of $2 billion in 2012. It also presents the measurable impact from its Citizenship efforts.

Besides details on investment and revenue from ecomagination products, the report includes details in GHG reductions, energy plans, freshwater use, and other actions. Ecomagination and healthymagination generated a combined revenue of $25 billion.

“Our ecomagination strategy is embedded in our research, our product development and our operations. It has helped our customers save billions of dollars while significantly reducing their environmental impact. By creating solutions that work today and account for local demands, ecomagination has generated more than $130 billion in revenue since 2005,” said Deb Frodl, ecomagination’s global executive director.

Among healthyimagination commitments presented in the update are details on investment, collaborations and employee health efforts, including HealthAhead, the company’s health program designed to make its employees healthier.

Besides these programs, the company, its employees and retirees gave $219 million to community and educational organizations, including $130 million from the GE Foundation, whose actions are also detailed. These include fund-raising initiatives, investment in health centers across the U.S., and participation on transparency and anticorruption initiatives.

The Global Impact report is available here.

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