Lotus Greens, plants 21,000 saplings in Sariska Tiger Reserve in Alwar, Rajasthan under the company’s ‘Green and Sustainability’ initiative.

Lotus Greens, a real estate developer in India, set to create a difference in the perception of the real estate sector, has become the first real estate company in India to make its office environment completely ‘Carbon Neutral’. The company has recently been awarded a certificate by a leading carbon offsets agency, which recognises and applauds the company attempts and efforts to make its office carbon neutral.

Lotus Greens plans to become a 100 per cent green company and has already started moving in this direction. Lotus Greens promotes its employees to use public conveyance like Delhi Metro for commuting. To encourage such practice, it reimburses the cost of transportation for every single employee. The company uses recycled products and stationeries at its office.

The company has joined the league of the global multinational giants like Microsoft, Woodland and Lamborghini who are striving to reduce carbon footprint by 2015.

Lotus Greens has planted 21,000 saplings on the periphery of Sariska Tiger Reserve on Aravalli Hills in Alwar, Rajasthan, which is an exercise intrinsic to the company’s ‘Green and Sustainability’ initiative. What is remarkable about this afforestation drive is that it has been done in a reserve park area, where any cutting down of trees is illegal and attracts penal sentence. Standing true to its name, the real estate developer has embarked on a mission to maintain India’s environmental balance and improve biodiversity from the very first day of its inception.

The move is in line with the company’s efforts to limit and balance the usage of natural resources like timber, a high demand commodity for the real estate sector. Lotus Greens aims, to contribute towards a sustainable development model for environment by planting such massive forest covers and setting an example that a real estate developer too can do what it takes to make a difference for the society and humanity. This drive by Lotus Greens will benefit about 300 surrounding villages in the ecologically sensitive Aravalli Hills.

P Sahel, Vice Chairman and Co – Promoter, Lotus Group said, “We will not shy away from our responsibility and accountability towards our environment and mother Earth. We believe in responsible urbanization and latest green initiative will help maintain the biodiversity of the oldest mountain range on Earth. As a realty developer, it is all the more important that we own up to our responsibility and set precedence for others.”

“Prioritizing ecological balance and minimizing damage to the environment is actually the only way to promote and sustain real estate development in today’s ecologically fragile world. We have not been lacking in taking singular initiatives at the community level as well,” Sahel further said.

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