The 2013 Global CSR RepTrack 100, has named Microsoft as one of the top company with best CSR reputation joined by Walt Disney Company, Google and BMW.

According to a study, conducted by Reputation Institute, Microsoft, Walt Disney Company, Google and BMW have been considered as companies with best Corporate Social Responsibility reputation (CSR).

The CSR RepTrack 100 study, surveyed more than 55,000 consumers from 15 countries. The results show that 59 per cent of consumers would also go out of their way to communicate something positive about companies they see as being good corporate citizens compared to only 23 per cent for companies perceived to be weak in this area.

Microsoft has been regarded as the top company second year in a row by the 2013 Global CSR RepTrack 100 study. This year Microsoft has been joined by other top four companies.

Walt Disney being one of them has been awarded the best perception for citizenship for its support towards good causes and protecting environment. However, BMW has been given the best perception for governance for being open and transparent in its business dealings.

In terms of best perception for workplace, Google has been regarded as an appealing place to work and a place where employees are given equal treatment.

According to Forbes report, the other five firms in the top 10 are No. 5 Daimler, No. 6 Sony, and No 7. Intel, No. 8 Volkswagen, No. 9 Apple and No. 10 Nestle.

The report also states that 73 per cent of global consumers are willing to recommend companies that are perceived to be delivering on their CSR programmes.

The 2013 study also showcase that while consumer support for companies perceived to be socially responsible is strong, however, the amount of companies believed to be actually delivering on their CSR programmes has dropped from 12 in 2012 to only 5.

The results of the CSR RepTrak® 100 study, states that the companies which showcase their CSR programmes in a positive light are the ones who gain the benefit in terms of sales and recommendations from consumers.

Kasper Ulf Nielsen, Executive Partner at Reputation Institute, says word of mouth is becoming companies’ No. 1 marketing tool and this is a “key business driver that companies need to leverage better.”

The survey also reports, that nine in 10 consumers say they would boycott if they learned of irresponsible behavior.


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