A recent survey shows that people are getting more conscious the impact of travel decisions on the environment; which is creating a demand for green buildings.

47 per cent of business travellers prefer staying in a green-certified hotel to do their bit for the environment, according to Timetric’s Global Business Traveler Survey for 2013. An additional seven percent consider this decision to be extremely important. The survey shows that even if a hotel does not have an official eco-certification, but if it has ‘green’ features, it will receive a preference from business travellers.

The survey included responses from more than a thousand international business travelers. The respondents even looked favorably

Credit: Treehugger
Credit: Treehugger

at hotels with minor environmental improvements such as reduced usage of plastics and low energy lighting. Travellers from different regions seem to attach different importance to various green features that the hotels offer.

Travelers in North America and Europe were impressed by the use of post-consumer recycled paper products and timed lighting systems, while those in Asia Pacific region considered solar-powered hot water as a key green feature.

The survey report, “Global Business Traveller Survey 2013: Hotel Accommodation, Selection Criteria and Customer Expectations of New Technology, Promotions and Services,” also includes a detailed analysis on international trends in hotel accommodation and estimates how expenditure patterns are set to change in 2013-14. The respondents for the survey were chosen from Timetric’s exclusive panel of global business travelers.

The report also examines new technologies, green initiatives and measures in corporate social responsibility adopted by hotels that appeal to business travellers. It analyses various key drivers, apart from eco-friendliness, that influence a business traveller’s decision to choose a particular hotel.


SOURCE: JustMeans

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