The Renewable Energy Management Company has been set up by the Indian Railways to further expand and manage its renewable energy portfolio.

The Indian Railways has an installed capacity of 5 MW of solar and 10.5 MW of wind power. Responding to this, the Additional Director-General, Anil Kumar Saxena of Indian Railways, said that plans are being made to install another 8 MW of solar power.

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has asked the Indian Railways department to evaluate the potential of solar power generation which will further help in saving on power consumption and help it get the electricity at stable rates over the next 25 years.

The Ministry also wants the Railways to participate in the bidding of 750 MW grid-connected projects under the National Solar Mission, slated to come up shortly. The Railways will also float bids for setting up solar units at 1,000 level-crossings. It will identify about ten locations to install off-grid solar thermal systems for use in cooking and laundry.

The Hindu Business Line said tenders for installation of solar units at 200 stations and 21 office-buildings are in progress. The overall plan is to develop multi-functional complexes to provide amenities to commuters, including budget hotels at stations, while generating additional revenue for the Railways in the process.


SOURCE: The Hindu Business Line

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