'Our mission is to become world's number one green innovation company': Panasonic India
20 Jun 2013

Panasonic is known for its green agenda and trying to create awareness about sustainable development. This year, Panasonic India came up with its first sustainability report. Radhika Kalia, Head of Corporate Communications, who also looks after CSR of the company talks about Panasonic’s philosophy and work. Some excerpts from the…


Infosys launches its household biogas digester project in Ramanagara district
30 May 2016

This biogas project will give the beneficiary families a better and healthier lifestyle through clean and fast cooking for many years. Bangalore: Infosys announced the…

Rockefeller pledges $75 mn to electrify 1,000 Indian villages
16 Apr 2015

The newly launched Smart Power initiative will promote economic development in rural areas through access to reliable and renewable energy. New Delhi: The Rockefeller Foundation…


Local financial lapses beset solar scheme for energy-poor Indians
19 Aug 2013

Manipadma Jena, an environmental journalist writes about the state of solar energy in India and how financial problems have started…

Women can be the changemakers in promoting better energy sources
29 May 2013

The Natural Resources Defense Council of the US is one of the nation’s most effective environmental action groups, that brings…

Case Studies

Promoting new clean energy technologies
03 Jun 2013

There has been an increasing focus inside and…

Community Solar Power Plant Project
22 Mar 2013

The Community Solar Power Plant project in Jhansi district, Uttar Pradesh illustrates how the use…


Moving Towards a Climate Neutral UN: The UN system’s footprint and efforts to reduce it
04 Jul 2013

The United Nations releases its fourth edition of Moving Towards…

Asian Development Outlook 2013: Asia's Energy Challenge
25 Apr 2013

ADO 2013 features a special chapter on Asia’s…

Social Justice Philanthropy (Hindi)
25 Sep 2013

The third episode of special radio series on Social Justice Responsibility addresses issues like philanthropy…