Sustainability has to go beyond mere compliance tick-boxes: Seema Arora, CII
23 Jul 2013

Seema Arora, Executive Director at the CII-ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development, is arguably one of those who have perhaps framed the dialogue of sustainability in India. Through almost two decades of work in the area, Arora has been helping corporate India understand the need for sustainability. In an…


Nestlé India reinforces its commitment towards environmental sustainability
06 Jun 2016

Nestle has reduced usage of energy by 47% and water by 55%, per tonne of production in the last 15 years. NESTLÉ HOUSE: Nestlé India is…

Meeting water demands by water conservation in Ratnagiri
31 May 2016

In order to fulfill the demand of water in water scarce state of Maharashtra water conservation methods are employed by Finolex Industries Ltd. Maharashtra: India is…


Environmental degradation will lead to numerous hazards: Dalai Lama
01 Oct 2014

If modern technology renders our planet unusable, we don’t have an option of going to another planet, cautions the Dalai…

DSDS is truly a Davos style meeting: Bindu Lohani
02 Apr 2014

Dr Bindu N Lohani, Vice President, Knowledge Management and Sustainable Development, Asian Development Bank, Philippines, spoke to OneWorld South Asia…

Case Studies

Cherie Blair launches Vodafone Connected Women Report-2014
18 Jul 2014

The Vodafone Connected Women Report Illustrates the power of the mobile technology to catalyse economic…

Sustainability Insights:Learning from Business Leaders
09 Oct 2013

The new study by Coca-Cola Enterprises regards leadership…


Indian 200 Climate Change Report 2013 launched by CDP and Accenture
19 Nov 2013

A new report talks about the authoritative evaluation…

National Restaurant Association releases first Sustainability Report
08 Oct 2013

A new report on sustainability talks about the…

Social Justice Philanthropy (Hindi)
25 Sep 2013

The third episode of special radio series on Social Justice Responsibility addresses issues like philanthropy…