This project has enabled all the facilities and gadgets in ‘Barefoot College’ including the library, office, computers, soil testing labs, primary health centres, etc to be operated with solar energy in Tilonia village of Rajasthan.

The Barefoot College is a model that has taken years of experience, local culture and traditions, commitment and dedication to achieve development at the grass root level. The organization has adopted a methodology, which minimizes waste and maximizes effectiveness

Credit: GKC
Credit: GKC

through several activities such as Education, Health, Agriculture, Eco-Volunteerism, and Women’s Empowerment.

Major objectives of this programme include creating awareness about rights and duties, improvising the economic resources by implementing NREGA, and bring about a transformation in the lives of the village community through education and health facilities.

The project has been replicated in 14 states of India and several countries in abroad through education workshops for improvising knowledge and income for citizens. It has been successful in uplifting the self-esteem of the village community in Tilonia.

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