Greenpeace lists greenest technology companies
April 23, 2013

Even as the world gasps under a growing load of poisonous e-waste, Greenpeace says there is hope in a just released guide that lists the greenest technology companies…

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Asia cuts its carbon faster than Europe
March 28, 2013

Producing more goods and services while emitting less carbon is the dream of many economists. In the race to see which countries can best manage to do this,…

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Increased efficiency related to greening of industrial valve market
March 27, 2013

A new report by Frost & Sullivan states that the emphasis on increased efficiency creates more avenues for greening the Indian industrial valve market. The continuing drive in…

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Adobe picks up the environmental cause
March 25, 2013

Adobe employs innovative methods to adapt to environment sustainability measures raised by its Green Team and in green building movement, LEED.   The Adobe CSR Brief series shares…

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Cloud and wireless to drastically impact on power consumption
April 15, 2012

While estimating energy needs, the technology part is often ignored. A new report warns about the impact aspects like cloud computing and wireless services will have on energy…

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